The most luxurious and distinctive of our bottles is the Exclusive Swarovski Edition. Fully enveloped from base to cork in genuine individual Swarovski crystals and an entirely waterproof black velvet label, this bottle is in every sense of the word, exclusive.

The Swarovski Edition comes with its own serial number so that you are completely guaranteed of its individuality. This edition represents opulence to the nth degree and could satiate the desire of even the most demanding of Prosecco lovers.

Description: Natural sparkling white wine

Area of origin: Province of Treviso (Italy)
Chemical and physical features: Actual alcoholic title: 11% vol – Sugar residue: 12 g/l

Sparkling wine produced with the Glera grape variety, native to the Treviso area. In this countryside there are the best soils and climate conditions that grant a wine unique in characteristics. The sparkling process is made with Charmat method in steel autoclave in compliance with the regulation of the materia, obtaining a Brut young wine, exciting and perfect in all the occasions.
The wine pours a bright straw yellow colour, with some greenish hints. Lively perlage, intense flowery scents of acacia flowers and fruity scents of yellow apple. Good intensity. Fresh, pleasant and harmonious.

Serving suggestions
Perfect for aperitif, appetizers and light courses with vegetables.

Serving temperature 6÷7°C

Nutritional facts
• n°1 g of alcohol: 7 Kcal
• n°1 l of dry wine at 10% vol: 600 Kcal • n°1 g of sugar residue: 4 Kcal

Intended use
The product is not intended for children nor for other subjects at risk. Contains sulphites.

Available format: 0.75 litres and 1.5 litres